Sunday, December 4, 2016


Well above sea level anyway and a few pics from the hills
2 different cameras and just trying a few things

below a view down to 7 mile beach
a bit overcast but will be there again and the weather may play nice 

the 2 below you can see 4 helicoptors flying in the cloud bank on the left 

and a not so good try at a panorama picture

[need a tripod]
so just a few out and abouts enjoying the sunshine

Saturday, December 3, 2016

lawns & xmas trees #2

So the front needed a bit of a trim up to make things look respectable and its fun mowing the lawn
Yeh I wish but alas its just a

and on the way around I really noticed how the NSW CHRISTMAS BUSH had to look it up to see what it was called MORE HERE  had really flowered this year after I gave it a trim a while back to get it under control a bit and also hoped I didn't kill the thing as I am not much of a gardener .

 it has really started to turn the vibrant red that does.

1 pic a while back has gone missing but it looks a bit like this for a while 
then the red comes through.
We do get a lot of people wanting to get a few cuttings of the flowers for xmas decorations and always come and ask so its fine with us.
the ones that are not welcome are the ones who destroy it 
the culprit below just snips the flowers off and lets them fall to the ground for no reason .
although they are a so called nice native bird they are very destructive in a lot of damage to around the house items .

the lemon tree culprit that stripped the tree of all lemons

the latest deterrent for the bird attack is one of these and doesn't this really annoy them and gets them squawking and flying off quick smart.

non lethal but a lot of fun to annoy the flying pests.
So that was a saturday done and dusted .
Time for a ride tomorrow 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Well the 1st of December and got told that its time to get this organised as was the right date for this to happen and given the pics of what should be achieved.
which sounded like a task that should be fairly easy so I was told.

I went out found loaded and put it up

didnt seem to look as good when it was erected and decorated

 then got told as we are down the bottom of the world  it was wrong so a quick fix and the result seemed fine to me

 so thats 1 job down

Monday, November 28, 2016


Have started to get some light scratches on the windshield of the bike and although it doesnt worry me through the day it has started to be a slight problem at night when oncoming traffic headlights are hitting it and causing some weird light effects onto your vision.

Asking around there are a few different ideas on ways to fix it but talking to a pilot I know the answer became clear as he uses a product on the plexi glass on the aircraft which gets rid of the scratches and yellowing and informs it also acts as a water repellent so a all rounder product.

seems it may also be used on the outside of the helmet visor which would rid it of some small scratches and could give it a rain off coating so a duel purpose use for it.

again its all going to be some trial and error but someone has to try these things out and give a report on the success or failure

there are other options out there but a lot on the WWW dont get to Australia so we or I must look elsewhere for what we have in our backyard here now to use .

will try to get some before and after pics when I use it and then also some idea if it is water repellent as I am told.
Was available from a local car accessory place so that  was easier than I thought to purchase.
Any more ideas or products that may do the same .
always willing to try something else to solve the scratches

Wednesday, November 23, 2016



wear the right gear OR a SUNSCREEN or look like a IDIOT

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Really just a post showing the stupidity of engineers who are paid for this type of stuff
its all about free flowing traffic as it should be not confusing roads that a lot of people till this day have no IDEA how to navigate one sensibly.

this is what you normally see approaching one but may vary country to country.

so you go around this man made thing

so heres a few pics

pretty simple to navigate without having any trouble
then there seems to be these which the reasoning is something I dont understand

so yep that just got harder in my mind of negotiating the road.

creating this I would think as a daily thing.

these 2 as a example look a little more driver friendly as its a lot larger and may be able to be used safely but I have never driven on them

and the artistic  below

and then the aussie version we see all the time stating

so the conclusion may be that I dont like them and am wary of going around them as most have no idea how to drive them and seem to drive around them showing there lack of knowledge with a roundabout trying to knock me off the bike .

Friday, November 18, 2016


Did a train thread recently

and then was told about a train museum/graveyard which I understand is still not open to the public and not sure if it will ever be but they must need some sort of exposure to raise a few funds.
It's a little bit away from me in a small country town and have no idea why such a place was chosen for the whole project.

google earth co-ords for them
 30° 19.983'S    152° 42.489'E

dorrigo trains link

some sort of spare parts for them ??

and how they must have got some there i suppose 

I do plan on a trip that way sometime soon so may ride past and see what is happening there now and maybe have a bit of a look back to the past .
maybe a nice detour to there on riding north.

may be a interesting place to have a look at the past .

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Well sort of anyways.
For anyone that rides and has a new age gadget on there bike or in there pocket


anything with a touch screen.
You would really know how hard if not impossible to use the swipe--touch features on these devices with your gloves on and is either stopped or wont work whilst riding and even stopped your getting the gloves off to use them which is a pain for that quick look.

Well I have had trouble getting them to work so I heard of a product that I have just got delivered  and applied it to my glove finger tip which I usually use to operate the swiping and touching and is supposed to fix this problem and be the answer to this problem.


Maybe some have already tried and tested this product and can give there thoughts and reviews of what they thought of it .
The only downside I could see was where they advised to apply it to the glove it would be wearing off a lot quicker as your fingertip would be in constant contact with your hand grip and then it would be worn off and have to be reapplied a lot more often just resulting in having to use more of the product.
But thats the ploy they may use to make more money ????
So I have applied it to the actual pointy part of the finger as that is what I usually use to swipe when on the move with the GPS anyway so am just going with that for the testing and if it works it shouldn't be in constant contact with the grip so less applications I am hoping so less purchases.

done and ready for the try out
just looks like its a dirty finger 

I tried it on the phone and yes it seems to work on that 
That finger will now open the phone but the other fingers not treated refused that little task so this may work on a ride ,just have to see how long it lasts before another coat of the stuff but time will tell.
I also have given it a 2nd coat to make sure its given a chance to work so a ride to work this afternoon for a bit of a test.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


A fellow blogger  Bandit Rider  has put my name up to do this as he also was sent or put up to the challenge.
Dont normally do these type of things but will throw some answers up for a change.

A challenge in which four questions are provided, to be answered by four answers to each of the questions, and then to nominate four other bloggers.
Now I think most of the blogs I follow are already tagged so to send it on for another 4 are becoming a problem for me to do.

The four questions are as follows:

1) What is your favorite food?
2) What is your favorite drink?
3) Places you've been?
4) Names that you are known by?

so to try to give it a go 

1)      FOOD
 a nice home made lasagne
some yummy seafood as the aussie prawns
the aussie BBQ
and you need a dessert---- so some ice cream

2)     DRINK

a coffee but not the fancy store type as I feel it is crap

a coke /fizzy to just have a up lift sometimes but isn't a usual

a hydralite style to keep the fluids up

and plain old water and in a hydration pack when out riding 

3)      PLACES 

lived on the gold coast QLD for a lot of years in another time which is down the bottom 
[surfers paradise ]

down the bottom of NSW in the snowie mountain region [around where it has --perisher printed ]

born and now returned to what they call the ILLAWARRA area in N.S.W. 

and the 4th answer is not so much as where ive been as where I want to see and it just is more of here 

So have not ventured outside of Australi and its a big place and am happy to explore more of my own country.


dunc ----a shorterned surname
pete  ---- as above
hey you ------ because someone doesn't know my name

*%"%#$@! ---- the one I get called when I do something wrong at home

and as I said it is very hard to name another 4 people that have been not tagged so i will let it go for the 4 names of the next lot to put answers up