Sunday, September 21, 2014


The question asked by us all after we have dropped the nut or washer into the depths of the motorcycle somewhere as we have all had that happen at one time or another and then proceeded to find a torch

start the search or give the bike a shaking to get it to drop out on to the floor all to no luck


sometimes I have thought of being able to be lucky enough to look in all those little places that you cant just see

well I have just purchased a camera for having a look at those places


some usual speel

have not tried it yet as its not here but hooks up to a computer and has the ability to adjust the light and also take a snapshot all for the whopping price of



maybe it will never be needed for the lost bits and pieces but I will find something it is good for

and no im not starting a medical practice either

Saturday, September 20, 2014


A add on to a previous post about a new GPS I purchased was found and bought but have been waiting for it to arrive from the states

I was looking at some sort of security for locking it on so when you were away from the bike it could not be pinched easily.Yes nothing is thief proof but the cradle supplied was easy to just unclip it so fast that it made me nervous leaving the bike anywhere.This is for temporary lock ability as I don't think I would put temptation out there by leaving it on the bike overnight somewhere.

I found 2 alternatives for the job at hand and went with this version as it was 1/2 the price of the other and it looked sturdier as well.


this bolts up with the zumo mount and then  to a ram mount  so when the GPS is in the cradle the block shown at the pictures above slides down then locks in by pushing the pin on the side which then prevents the zumo cradle from releasing the GPS from the bracket


simple idea but a worthy purchase for some peace of mind for your GPS  security.


As time goes by the older age pains come along and cause a myriad of problems to enjoy yourself riding.

The one that has inflicted me at the moment is a case of carpel tunnel in the right wrist as well as a mild case of arthritis in the same hand making riding a chore instead of a pleasure at the moment.A solution has to be found because giving up is not a option so I have looked into a throttle lock device to be able to get a bit of relief when out and about as just resting the hand/wrist for a small amount of time lets me continue riding for a longer time.

After some research I have settled on a KAOKO lock


these are available for a lot of different bikes  and are bike specific.

This is what had to be replaced


and this is definitely not a hard job to do if you just follow the instructions and with a bit of time and work you should have it looking like



so am still to give this one a test run but a similar one has been used so lets hope the pain in the wrist gets sorted and some more longer distance rides are achievable

Sunday, September 14, 2014


After the plane trip and a lot of pictures taken when asked about the falls i went searching through the ones i took and came up with this.

google earth snapshot

and one i took
just missing the falls but i was not even sure where i was at this time of the flight


again was doing a few ride checks so went for a look see up to the top of the mount

went via carrington falls for a look see

the plaque

the bridge that will need a upgrade sooner than later

then off to see belmore falls
went past the pie shop and it was packed out so grabbed a coffee in robbo
much more gooderer in there away from the masses lol

the road out there had just been graded so really smooth for dirt but some wet clay patches kept the excitement factor there

arrival at the car park i was on the lookout for the drop bears but there were only branches to worry about apparently

the vandalised sign

the flora shot

then the return run home which saw even more bikes at the pie shop so was going to stop and see if wombat/bronwyn and co were there but na keep going down jambo pass again

stopped here for a sip of h2o as it was hot

looks enticing but i know its a short ride to a locked gate

so that was all except for the pushies down the bottom of the mountain trying to get run over
have video proof as well
do have a few videos but am still editing those but may post them up later here

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Was supposed to go on a little brekky ride with a few others this morning but was not to be as sometimes there more important stuff to do.

Did manage to get out a bit later as I wanted to do a test run with the GPS fitted up.

Impression so far is good as ease of use /viewing/glove friendly.

still a lot to learn but the same with everything new.

While out saw this

a view over the Illawarra area where I live from Jamberoo mountain lookout


and the bike was there to


the new GPS

am waiting for a different bracket to get it mounted where I want it but this will do for now.