Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Theres a few descriptions for them but I call them bush chooks but are really a AUSSIE LYREBIRD.
I sometime think how blessed we are down here for a variety of different fauna and just take it for granted but then sometimes remember that every country has there own variants of wildlife and they too probably dont take a second thought to what they have or see evryday.

the little bird has been seen nearly every trip ive done latley as the road I take goes thru a rainforesty national park area.
they are really quick and feed on the side of the road and although they cant fly they do a lot of flapping and gliding to get away from you with a really funny sort of a flight .
there a real pretty bird

and there main claim to fame so to speak is they mimic everything they hear .
so if your out in the bush and they are present you dont really know sometimes if your actually hearing the right sound from other animals or birds etc
and there the emblem for the New South Wales  national park insignia as well

and some videos showing some of there mimicking skills with a variety of sounds in the posts below 

Lyrebird mimics construction sounds

The amazing lyrebird mimicking children toy gun and other sounds

Amazing! Bird Sounds From The Lyre Bird - David Attenborough - BBC Wild...


Did a falls ride to look at a few around the area today .
Bit brisk up on top of the range but great weather to be out riding.
so to find a few waterfalls
up to carrington falls to be met by a locked road ????

so that was 1 down and still hadnt seen 1 yet but it was a good road to get out there so cant complain.

Headed off and to get to belmore falls which I have posted before but on a weekday its a great enjoyable ride into Robertson and its signposted but there is dirt road for those who dont want to do the ADV riding but it was good dirt 
[once I turned the A.B.S. to the OFF mode ] THAT CAUSED A FEW MOMENTS TO START WITH .

good for a pitstop and a look down across to the falls and totally alone with no one in any of the carparks.

 now where you see it coming from if you take off and ride a bit you find the source 

and the water was cold but i didnt drink it as it looked a bit off and when you look to the left theres the top of the drop with appropriate signage
so that was the little outing
and am trying to get out tomorrow to visit some Lookouts I have found and never been to so there should be a report for that to come .

Monday, October 17, 2016


Well something to keep them in good order.

A previous post I am using a new screen extension to stop the buffeting on the bike and am getting good results but there is still wind noise which I know will never be totally stopped but any reduced noise and protection of your hearing has to be worthwhile.
I have used ear plugs before but not all the time but as I get older [didn't say wiser] the idea of using them fulltime is getting the tick of approval.
Wow the choices out there are enormous as are the price ranges for them is totally mystifying .
From $1 to a huge $195.00 was 1 pair I found .
the one we all see around the simple foam type
then you go to the custom top of the line style similar fitting to this

THE 2 links are for aussie sites 

WAY TO expensive for me to even think about buying as after reading a lot of reviews there seems to be good and bad things to say on them so am sitting on the fence with them.
they have the option of speakers fitted everything you may need

but the cost is crazy in my opinion anyways.
lots of variants out there

these above even have 2 options for different levels of Db ratings

so after a look around I found some from the local work safe style outlet for a much less a price than the so called specific ear plug stores
and am trying them out and its a hard thing to get totally used to but as with most things its just getting used to them.

so are you using any and what sort are they and happy or not ????