Sunday, February 8, 2015


Well thats nearly the right spelling for the following piece.

It all starts because of nearly having a casualty today while out riding the local road system and after some reading am realising how lucky I am in this area seeing the flora and fauna that I do happen across while riding.

So to the title it  needs to be spellchecked  as the one I need is the spelling of LYRE

As I nearly hit a Lyrebird of which I see lots of as you go up through the east coast national parks around where I am  today but after some weaving he or she lives to tell there lies once more around the aussie bush.

heres what they look like


and they must be a pretty treasured little fellow as they are the emblem of the N.S.W. NATIONAL PARKS


So they are very quick at running and can sort of glide but they do not actually fly as birds do which may come from the environment of where they live in the rainforest area and have become a ground luvin bird.

WIKI LINK for more information on the little fellow

and for those non aussies reading they are one of the greatest mimickers you have ever heard of any sounds from other animals to man made sounds .Here's 2 videos showing off there talents and when you ever get the chance to be out in there area and you can sit and just listen to the bush sounds they are amazing to hear live .

AMAZING SOUNDS link of  what they can mimic

VID a David Attenborough video

So  another great ride with nature thrown in which makes it even better in my opinion and that one lives to lie for another day

and NO BIKE pics as I yep stupid me left the camera on the bench

Saturday, February 7, 2015



Its been a shit 12 months for me I tell you

For those who are not sure about this here's there website


a worthy cause for all and probably a lot more help groups out there

my nephew aged 26  young child 18 months old just decided to end it all on 28 january

why I have been a bit quiet on here

bloody sad and very hard to understand the reasons for it

so if you think someone may need help for whatever reason get some for them

to damn hard for friends and family to figure out


So as my brother and me have discussed  since all this we now have to move on with life because there is bugger all we can do to change the past so we are to look to the now time no matter how hard

Monday, January 26, 2015


Well to explain the bag problem as I packed the triumph OEM bags up a week or so before  to go away they seemed that there huge on the outside and are miniscule on the inside and a real disappointment for saddle bags.As I packed what i wanted there was no room left and I had packed stuff all compared to what I normally pack to go away on motorcycle rallies as it was just clothes really and no cooking /kitchen stuff I take and could not believe the lack of room.Would hate to be trying to pack for 2 peopkle to go on a trip as it would make it a real impossible task.
Would love to hear from others if they have been able to pack for 2 with the bags.
Well there was definitely going to be some problems when a rally trip came around and thats not far away and what to do Q came about as I was running out of time for this trip.
A search on the net as a previous post shows I had found the SW-MOTECH dakar bags from HERE which I was interested in for doing a bit more dirt riding as to not to wreck the OEM ones and were on the wish list to buy in the near future but no time to wait so a quick phone call was made and a plea to them to send the bags rush delivery and have got them and fitted up on sunday with a day to spare before I go away to melbourne.
the rack system was 2 bolts either side and on.
then hooked the bags up
swb5 - Copyswb10 - Copy
so then to see what packs in these saw nearly all in the 2  OEM bags fit into 1 of these and there overall size is smaller and not as wide either on the bike so does not make the ass of the bike the size of a truck going down the road.
so  am pleased with the result of getting them.
they expand higher than the picture above so should be great and have a waterproof liner in them so its double layered.
OEM bags are now packed away in a cupboard and may sell them to someone eventually .

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Just to help out with the whole bag thing the OEM triumph hard saddle bags


get the

unlika fence

no fence sitting on these

I would have rathered a protection pack or something else other than these

no wonder there giving them away with the bike Sad smile


Got the sump guard fitted up



and only needed these so a pretty easy job


then onto the radiator protector

2 allen keys and that was all the tools you need  to get this


so there its done and ready to go

a real easy job


yep there always a now

the crash bars are going to wait till the next service or when i can get the bike there for them to fit them

they have said it should be no problem to fit myself but will get them to do it as to not void any warranty issues with what the instructions said to cover me if anything goes wrong .

so those pics later on

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A ride using the foam grips have had a result of

lika fence

not sitting on the fence about them

still a bit of a achey wrist but thats a ongoing ailment but it has done some relieving of the pain.Again these have  worked for me but may not for all as its a trial and error scenario for these things .

If you think it may help do it and try them.