Thursday, October 22, 2015


UPDATE and woes

Heres the 1st post

well had a bit of trouble with these bags as they are held up with a clip that dont seem to want to hold anymore .
really not happy so called the importers with a complaint about the issue I am having

so after a few emails back and forwards as you do I got the answer back that they were going to send me a new set of bags as they had come across thi same problem once before .

Always the way that I am the one to get the faulty product.

so have now received the new ones and yes you can really tell the difference in the problem part so am right to go again.

oh the importers and best service yet has come from


 give them a try -----great service

Sunday, October 11, 2015


No not keep it simple stupid
the legends of music KISS

Well my other half went to her 1st ever concert last night here in Sydney as it was a birthday present and something she has wanted to always do.
Seems that when she was younger her mother banned her from going to there concert way back when we were all younger.

So before she went she sent a tweet about going to the concert and how as a young teenager she was banned and how excited this was going to be.

Well after arriving home happy as a pig in shit [as they say] she checked her phone as it was dinging away and gene simmons had retweeted her original tweet

and I got to hear about it all day and I say for the next few weeks
So happy that it was the best ever time of her life as it has brightened all up.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


So the battery died on the bike
wouldnt start and would not take a charge so after a jump start and got it going the EMS[engine management light] came on and suppose to go into a limp mode .
Take the battery out and to a battery place to check it and it has dropped 2 cells and the test says its got 38cca instead of 270cca so its stuffed .
Buy a new one and installed and the bike fired straight up but the fault light is still on and of course its the weekend and no one open
SO the net provides a lot of answers and reading about this problem there seem like a fix may be able to get it out so will be trying some of these fixes tomorrow when im not peed off about this

not even 12 mths from a battery and this light thing is a pain as im going away and cant really get to a dealer before the leave date but may have to delay the trip a bit

will let you all know what the outcome is and what fixes it .

as the title

damn technology


so a lot of reading and asking on some forums and have tried this
light ems is on
oh damn

found the code thru just pushing the right button and it shows up in the instrument panelo and what it meant from a pdf list of codes that was supplied 

then do this hot cold thing which they talk about being a fixand  this is my version on it

1---started the bike and let it go to the fan started so it was hot then shut it down[light ems still on]

2---2hrs later started again and let it run to the fan started again and turned it off [light ems still on]

3---another 2 hrs and started again and before it got to the hot fan bit the light went off so let the bike go till the fan started and switched it off

4---tried and light goes off when started so am hoping it is fixed


so hoping the world is good and can get away on the trip with no more hiccups 

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Well I think a ant is a critter
So I am out the door to go for a ride and move some pieces of bike stuff in the shed and am greeted with this staring me in the face
the little buggers have decided to come out of the rain and take up residence in all my stuff
saddlebags --2 sets of those
 a tank bag
you name it and they are into it.

1 set of hard bags were locked up and they got into those somehow -so dont know if they are waterproof because there not ant proof
so a wonderful day has been spent with a lot of cleaning spraying washing of motorcycle gear and trying to get it all sorted out.

so the week will be wspent finishing cleanin all the gear and spraying the shed and surrounds to slow them down

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Well its 12.30 am and the rain is pelting down and am checking a few things outside .
WHY you ask
142mm --5 1/2 inches
in 16 hrs
and they reckon more heavy rain to come yet
so am going out to get ready for the deluge and have a bite to eat

over and out me harties

Monday, August 17, 2015


UM as the dates show ive been gone for a while
but am back again to annoy the rest that follow me and the ones i follow

will catch up on all the blogs over the next few days and try to reply to the posts
hope all you have been good