Wednesday, March 18, 2015


While I was wiring away and had the bike pulled apart so to speak I had purchased a 12v socket as a extra to fit in the rear panel of the bike.

Triumph had made a hole there for the job so why they just didn't install one is beyond me but I did it anyway.


it goes in this plastic piece


bit of loctite and waterproof terminals and nearly completed and wired into the fuze box


and finished install

yes it does work


Sunday, March 15, 2015


So fitted the DRL and wanted them to be a auto switch on set-up so a bit of research bought one of these [actually 2 cause they were cheap] about 6-7 dollars each


theres a few different types on the market but I settled for this as I just wanted a simple on/off set-up and as small as possible to fit the bike.

A straight forward hook up from the battery to the lights and nothing else

When you start the bike now the DRL turn on in about 2-3 seconds after starting and when the engine gets turned off they stay on for maybe 8-12 seconds then turn off automatically  so as simple as that

Just what I wanted no fuss but the advantage of the extra lights to be seen .

Saturday, March 14, 2015


So after getting a lot of bits together it was time to put some things on the bike and clear all this gear up.

got spot lights and some DRL lights


and of course some brkts


and they fitted up like so


so some thinking and not wanting to run heaps of wiring I decided to put the relay and switch for the spots in a fairing piece on the bike up near the windshield which when the cover is removed its a empty space anyway



was a tight squeeze but saved running a heap of wire back and forwards on the bike

so after a test [1 small hiccup] bad wire join it was all systems go so I was happy with the out come of the end product


Am doing some wiring of lights so bought a designated fuse distribution block.


can be wired up to give you 2 options as in wired straight to battery / or wired to switched power through your ignition

wanted this as different accessories different ways to power them up

mounted it with velcro under the seat


nice snug fit out of the weather and using space doing nothing

so hooked it up to the battery and a keyed power source and away it went with wiring



and to the amazement of myself it worked

Friday, March 13, 2015


Well the farkles keep coming and the latest to try to get up and running is a UHF system that will work with the sena headset I use at the moment  with the capability of it being blue toothed and a waterproof set-up.

Why a UHF at all on a bike is pretty simple as down here in Australia the truckies use them so getting info on a trip may come in handy to be able to converse on the go  and also the sena headsets only communicate so far and on previous trips have lost comms when we have got to far apart or the terrain becomes a little difficult as in hills etc. so with this set-up it should broaden the distance we can talk out to a lot better range.

A lot of researching has been going on to find a suitable radio for the job but have lashed out and bought one to get it moving along.They say this is doable with the radio so am about to play around with a holder for it and a aerial set-up for better distance and then the testing on the road will happen.

so this is it a 80 channel uhf


the only real problem is its power in that it is not 12volt but have come to some sort of compromise in that I have found a battery slide that fits onto it as a replacement which takes 6 AA batteries to power it up and if away for a while and you need to just have to buy AA batteries and replace them as needed and away it goes .Not the perfect set-up doing it like this but the best I can find at the moment.

So its time to play around again and get all this together and going .

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Well it arrived to the tiny airport

I tracked it on a flight tracker to see when it was over the top of me


on the approach to the strip


and the smoke from tyres that a lot of people were hoping to see


and it stopped wi8th not much room to spare on the little strip


a video showing it coming in

cant believe they let people stand at the end of the runway.