Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Well its 12.30 am and the rain is pelting down and am checking a few things outside .
WHY you ask
142mm --5 1/2 inches
in 16 hrs
and they reckon more heavy rain to come yet
so am going out to get ready for the deluge and have a bite to eat

over and out me harties

Monday, August 17, 2015


UM as the dates show ive been gone for a while
but am back again to annoy the rest that follow me and the ones i follow

will catch up on all the blogs over the next few days and try to reply to the posts
hope all you have been good

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Well on 3 weeks holidays and about to go away on the bike to melbourne
not yet as I just got me ear worked on
so that ouches with putting the helmet on
hopefully its right by the end of the week end and can get away as planned

Thursday, May 28, 2015


While near the canberra area I have found a couple of places to investigate as I love these types of areas which sadly have been forgotten .

What they were like in there day

Now these are to be visited but not right now in the winter coolness as I am getting to smart for that so a after winter ride it shall be .
They were built to listen out there so to speak
the blurb 

Honeysuckle Creek tracking station was a NASA tracking station near Canberra, Australia, which played an important role in supporting Project Apollo. The station was opened in 1967 and closed in 1981.

Its most famous for being the antenna which received and relayed to the world the first historic TV images of astronaut Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon on July 21, 1969. Apart from the television pictures they provided, Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla had voice and telemetry contact with the lunar and command modules. Much of this was dramatized in the 2000 Australian film The Dish.

After the conclusion of the Apollo Moon missions in 1972, Honeysuckle Creek began supporting regular Skylab passes, the Apollo scientific stations left on the Moon by astronauts, and assisting the Deep Space Network with interplanetary tracking commitments.

In 1974 at the conclusion of the Skylab program, Honeysuckle Creek joined the Deep Space Network as Deep Space Station 44. Honeysuckle Creek closed in December 1981, its 26 m antenna being relocated to the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex at nearby Tidbinbilla, and renamed Deep Space station 46, where it remained in use until late 2009.

Today the original site has been leveled, and only the concrete foundations remain.

 so heres the map and co-ords for them if you want to go and see some history 

Honey suckle -35.583563, 148.976447

Orroral  -35.628568, 148.957468

some sites with info about the 2 stations 


hoping for lots more pics and a better ride story when it happens 


That is the QUESTION a lot ask when they get told to meet at piccadilly circus on the way to the ALPINE RALLY

which is held on the JUNE long week-end  each year.
The rally is held in 2 different places 1 a more road bike friendly venue and the next year a off road site and so on so its available for all.
The off road one was in 2014 so wont be there this year but it is the one that has piccadilly circus on-route.
S 35 21 32.5, E 148 47 59.0   

 The name had me wondering of its origin so a little searching I found the reasoning

so the story is now known and I will sleep a little easier tonite .

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Wheres the cat when you need one as I dont even own a cat.

A look out the back this afternoon I was greeted with a bird destruction party going on and they seemed to be enjoying it so it seems.

1st culprit was a cockie which seemed to enjoy the taste of lemons



creating this


and in so doing stripped the tree of any useable lemons for future use.

This is the second year in a row they have decided to sour the crop of lemons which I do enjoy usually but alas not this year again it seems.

Then as I was in the shed it was getting bombarded with small acorn style nuts from the adjoining tree and a investigation found why


chomping on these


then dropping them to make a racket on the tin roof.

Looking around you find this


piling up and are sharp when trodden on with bare feet and make a bloody mess which they don't seem to care about .

Well some brooming and raking coming up before the next mow on the lawn to try and get rid of them.


OH the wonders of nature as I did manage to scare them both off but in no time they returned and kept on doing whatever they wanted to do Surprised smile