Friday, April 18, 2014


This bit of news is a tad old but is worthwhile throwing up for when its happening.


The NSW Government has announced  that motorcycle lane filtering will be made legal in NSW later this year.

Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider moves past stationary or slow moving vehicles in the same lane. Currently, it is illegal for motorcycle riders to lane filter in Australia.

In 2013, a lane filtering trial was conducted in the Sydney CBD to investigate the impact on road safety and traffic congestion of allowing motorcyclists to legally lane filter.

Based on the trial findings and the Centre for Road Safety’s recommendations, the NSW Government will:

  • Make lane filtering legal when done safely at a speed 30km/h or under
  • Create a new offence of ‘lane splitting’ to outlaw dangerous behaviour where a motorcycle rider moves past vehicles in the same lane at an unsafe speed faster than 30km/h
  • Launch an awareness campaign to educate all road users about this change in the law

It is planned that the new laws will commence on 1 July 2014. The Centre for Road Safety has started preparing the required changes to the law in consultation with the NSW Police Force.


A holiday week-end is upon us again and a break from work and some time for family time is in order.

The good

There should be some of this happening


but a recent aussie update for the ones who dont know there is also this down here


they still taste like chocolate though


the bad


as I live not far from Sydney and on the route to the so called south coast holiday area it becomes a time to stay off the roads unless you like sitting in the queues of traffic going nowhere fast.

The one in the pic was 8klm long in the afternoon going south near Kiama as I was trying to get home from work but luckily i was going north so had a clear run.

Then a check today[friday] the same scenario was on the traffic web site of even longer queues .


So this will be the same only in a reverse order of direction at the end of a long 4 day week-end so the question is why do they waste there time going away when they sit in a car for long delays and then say what a great time they have had.

Will be glad when its finished so I can get out without sitting on the bike in a traffic jam.

Luckily I am off for the whole week so will get some ride time in without the problems I hope.

Sunday, April 13, 2014



Never a truer statement right there


Well time for another one has come around

looked at this


then this


but to no avail as I was to get one of these instead





well it is a suzuki

the car I am driving at the moment is getting a few big klms on it and the fuel cost to run it is not getting cheaper so a 4 cylinder for better economy is what  is needed. This is supposed to average 5.5lt/100 klm so as good as the bike nearly

deposit down and should get it about the 28th of april they say as its on a ship coming in

Saturday, April 12, 2014


There is a very et couple of days here so am doing some sorting of pictures on the computer and am finding some great stuff that I had forgotten I had.

Here are some of the birds that we get here and the ones that I am fortunate enough to have had nested and raised there young.

The little pee wee has nested here for the last 6 years and is a favorite with watching the way they go about building the mud nest.

Usually have 3 chicks


the little willy wagtail


made of cobwebs so the building effort to do this is non stop for the 2 of them but it always looks to small for them

but then they usually have 3 chicks as well and then its crowded

the family a bit grown up


we get some parots visiting



and the old magpie which does give us a melody on the front veranda and does hand feed sometimes but we dont like to do that all the time with a wild bird


and of course the cockatoo

a real pest of a bird in destroying everything and noisy as hell when in a flock

jayne 061jayne 062

I wondered what this one was eating in the picture below and on closer inspection it was a lemon off the tree

as i said destructive little devils



we do get a few more but I never seem to have a camera when i need one


Contemplating today where and how this motorcycle madness started and after much thought I cant figure it out.
I have been looking at some old pics and it got me thinking of the bikes I have owned over the years and also the variety of bikes that I have had
Now some of these pics are mine and some off the net as I have no pics of some of them as in those days a camera was not something I carried and used all the time as I probably couldn’t afford to get the pictures printed out.
YES the days before the digital age
I will just put them in about the order of what I had from the start 
IT all started with one of these and just progressed to today .

my mother trying to steal the IT175


then a bit of a break for a while
but the bug still was there somewhere

and so it begun again

and one of these on the farm as needed the 4 wheels
Copy of Copy of S7300003Copy of BIKE 002-crop

Till the current ride of this.

I think thats the lot but maybe 1 or 2 more I have forgotten about.