Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Have been looking at carrying a bit of extra fuel on the bike as it only has a 14 litre tank which does restrict you for some trips with getting fuel.

These were the final decision that I made.



the speel

RotopaX fuel packs are highly durable roto-molded containers, ideally suited for your extra fuel supply.

RotopaX containers are superior and far more durable than the common blow-molded containers and provide many benefits such as thicker crush resistant walls and a leak-proof gasket.

Unique locking and mounting system gives you the ability to mount the Rotopax on just about anything in a secure way whilst in transport. Look at mounting options to see how you can mount the Rotopax for your transport needs.

Available in a range of colors to make identifying your fuel mix in each container. Tanks are compatible for petrol, diesel, kerosene, fuel / oil mixes and a food grade white tank is also available for water.

Dimensions of a 3.8 litre pack - 241mm x 336mm x 75mm

Empty weight of a 3.8 litre pack - 2kg.

The bracket for securing them


and have now got the brkt mounted onto the case


put a large piece of flat inside to help strengthen the whole setup from possible breaking


I know its not a lot of extra fuel but think it will suffice for my needs

This extra fuel set up will also be going onto the larger box as well but in the vertical position on the side where the passenger would be .


Have been busy as I have put up previously but things must move along and while looking around I found a rack with the options I was looking for to get out of a versatile rack.

Made in the states by a company called BRE and a email asking a few questions and I put a order in for the supply of one and from talking to steve the owner I was the first to get one specific to the BMW 650 so I became a test dummy for it .

pics stolen from his site


So it was a quick delivery to AUS  and have now mounted it up on the bike and got the bags set-up for a quick changeover when the need arises.


I have used the bag I had set-up on the other rack by just adding the pucks to the bottom and was not a problem to get right first go by following the instructions BRE have on the site.

the other holes were from the previous rack bolt up and just sealed them up with some silicone.


also have purchased a new box as well which is larger than the briefcase style and it is now mounted up with pucks for the swap.

got this at ARMOURBOY here in AUS

40LT (L.450 X W.350 X H.260 MM)


so fitted it up with the other pucks


with the ridges in the new box lining right up with the holes in the rack a little mod was needed for the whole thing to work


just had to cut a bit off where they fitted up to sit flush and slide easy.


so it looks like this on the bike

007 (2)008 (2)

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Am still


up and running around after a few complications with medical stuff and parents moving but a end is insight for it all now.At least the tyres are not wearing out through this time .

Hopefully some will still be reading this blog.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Well a long time between posting up on the blog.

Without going into all the details of happenings that occur in ones life I am hoping that it will change in the next few weeks.

  • had a computer meltdown but now enjoy a faster better one
  • have had both parents in hospital with one still having a stay
  • so time has been spent travelling 100km each way to do those visits
  • packing them up as they move to melbourne in 5 weeks as well

so thats where my time has been


Had planned to be away this LONG week-end down to the alpine rally in the brindabella mountains with a few mates who are leaving in the morning for there.


So hopefully all will be settled down and back to some normality in 5 weeks time and can get some riding in although i am trying to get to the casper rally in 2 weeks time with a little luck

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Because I was a cheapskate and bought the base model car that came with no DRL/fog light set-up I have been looking at how to put some on the car for better visibility at being seen by others out there.

After a lot of searching I think I have solved the problem by getting one of these


a DRL control switch which after a simple hook-up straight to the battery and then the lights with no switches or relays turns the lights on automatically when the car is started and then as the car is turned off they turn themselves off after [either 15 or 25 seconds ]will have to time it as the time is conflicting in all I read.

They do have a limit of 23watt max but in the world of LED thats not much.

Am going to use something like these for the lights haven’t decided yet



So as you have to make it your own with any vehicle the farkle begins.

A quick look on the net and a set of tinted weathershields were ordered.


They may not be genuine acc but a lot cheaper so they will do me.After getting them saw that they were held on with just double sided tape so a wipe with a alcohol wipe and fitted them up then the first problem as I did them in a hurry they were not positioned right and didn’t want to stay on.Surprised smile

So after taking them all off and wrecking the tape in the process it was a trip to buy some tape and then the painstaking task of removing the old stuff the new was attached and a 2nd go at putting them on was taken.


yeah success this time after really studying where they were meant to sit and I ended up with this


and the 2 look like these


neat little accessory and practical as well