Saturday, July 30, 2016


The ROX RISERS are the way to go for a totally different ride,it has made the bike a completely different bike to throw around on the road.

and the seat got the lambswool back onto it as well for a bit of comfort 

so all in all a couple of small mods and such a large difference

Thursday, July 21, 2016


No not a benchmark to reach but about your handlebars and how you fit into the bike.
When I am sitting holding the bars I seem to be a bit stiffed armed when riding creating a tiresome time.There is a couple of types of bar risers but have gone with these ones

these are the ones recommended for the 1200xc and are

  • 2" (51mm) Center-to-Center Rise
  • Pivots Backward/Forward based on Rider Preference

    so will give these a go for a more relaxed sitting /riding position 


 sorry no pics camera flat
quick seat review
The seat arrived this morning and was fitted up with a bit of a test ride on the menu.
A first sit on it and it seemed straight away to get me lower to the ground and both feet were balancing/holding the bike up  like they ought to .
Was only able to do a lap around the block but coming to a stop it felt more reassuring for myself every time I had to do one.So yes it was worth the outlay and if I get the urge one day to sell it [bike] am sure it wont be a hard accessory to sell off.

pics next time I am out and about.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Was surprised by a nice HRD the other day .
He has 4 apparently so would like to see the whole collection at once
Got a couple of pics

was done up nice and he rides them all not just sitting in a garage on show only.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


So I have been struck with the short stature problem with the new bike.Yep I can still ride it but sometimes to be able to flat foot easily out on a ride would be good.
Have looked at 2 options for the answer to this and a lot of  researching have decided to go with a lower seat as a option.
Triumph do a low seat as a accessory as usual.
The low seat drops the height down 30mm[1 1/4 inch] roughly which should do the trick .
The standard or the 1 I have

and then the low at 30mm lower

Did have 1 lined up to buy from the U.K. but the shipping made it not much less than buying here .shipping was over $150
The other option under consideration was lowering links of either 20mm or 40 mm

 which i can still get for a extra low ride but there is a few drawbacks going that way as it changes the  geometry of the bike so you have to lower the front forks so am not into doing all that and also lowering the suspension like that it affects the side stand as keeping the bike in a very upright position which can be a problem so am happy going the way I am and will be buying 1 locally here and will do a write up with the outcome .


After getting a prompt by steve with his post about blogs dying I see that I am in that list for neglecting the blog scene.
Damn been 6 mnths for me being on the outside and not writing anything although I still read and have replied a few times but probably not enough to all the bloggers out there that keep updating what is happening.
I have been a bit side-tracked with doing a course and the never ending paperwork involved with the new job and it just never seemed to be enough time to to do the write ups but am hoping the end of the running around is here.

So hi again to all and will try to keep the blog posts  going again.