Saturday, April 11, 2015


Sounds impressive but not really as the triumph has no heated grips as a standard thing that the BMW did have and maybe that spoilt me from getting cold hands looking around you can buy them for the triumph but at the price they want I called there bluff and said dont worry .

So for a birthday present last month I asked for and got some blizzard barkbusters which I fitted up.


the inside look


the only bit of a modification I had to make was the clutch side mirror mount on the bike sits the mirror forward about 11/2 inch-38mm so it didnt want to play the game and fit properly so some deep thought and a little buying trip I got this


and  with some work the finished product looked like this when fitted up


just a hole punch and put the grommet in the barkbuster and the mirror stem goes through it and what do you know it now fits up as it should and does not look out of place .

don't tell anyone about the mod let them figure out a fix for themselves

They will be a winter only thing on the bike so will remove in the warmer months for riding.


Well it sounds like the nursery rhyme .

It is all about getting more comfort on your backside for long trips so a short trip down the road from me about 80 km’s [50 miles] to a little town called Berry to a sheepskin supplier to get a cover for the bike.

Good Wool Store where a talk with the people there[owner] I got what I wanted and after a bit of fiddling to fit as it needed a slight adjustment of the straps but was no problem at all for them to do and cannot be a more friendly lot to deal with so got it on and paid up me money and off for the return journey which although was only 80km’s you could feel the difference for sure so longer trips may be a bit easier on the bum.


So the question was asked if I wanted a plastic rain coat for it so in bad weather you could keep it dry but I declined mainly because of the price they wanted for a plastic cover.

So a search on the net found raincovers for luggage /backpacks and at less than $3.00 that seemed more to my price for such a item so having got one it fits and covers it so should work for a lot less than the one offered.


may not look flash but does the job for a pittance.

Give them a call if your after something great people

lul - Copy

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Yep it is that time again when this fellow drops by


and we get a little time off from work as in a 4 day week-end

but here our wabbit looks like this


because we are getting some of this


and looks like from the forecast is the same for the rest of the week-end so a ride is out because it doesn’t make sense to me to actually go out in the rain from the start of a ride to enjoy it .

yeh I'm soft but not silly .

so a little work on things in the man cave and will wait till its dry hopefully on Tuesday as i need to go south to berry [small town] and pick up a lambs wool seat pad then go to Sydney for some items and want to ride there for that as well so hope its good weather .

The reason Tuesday is  I am off work  the whole week off

SO GO AWAY RAIN or will be out doing this going stir crazy


Thursday, April 2, 2015


Seems the key lock on the 1200 which lets you get the seats off can get unusable with a lot of off road mud riding being flung up and  causes a bit of a dilemma further down the track so looking at the problem area I made a small plate to cover it which should keep the majority of crud out of the key area.

1 small bit of stainless cut a bit of velcro and some foam and this is the finished product


as you may figure out its under the tail light

so velcro and matched it up to the plate


with some foam top and bottom to help seal it a bit and then the fit looks like this


and to be safe I have attached a little wire trace wire as a extra bit of insurance in case the thing falls off .

It is only a trial version so will see how it goes out and about on the road

$ 4-6 give or take

Wednesday, April 1, 2015



jeez have hit the 10,000 page views on the site

people have a lot more I know but you have to start somewhereTurtle

thanks for all the comments over the time on here

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


While I was wiring away and had the bike pulled apart so to speak I had purchased a 12v socket as a extra to fit in the rear panel of the bike.

Triumph had made a hole there for the job so why they just didn't install one is beyond me but I did it anyway.


it goes in this plastic piece


bit of loctite and waterproof terminals and nearly completed and wired into the fuze box


and finished install

yes it does work