Friday, August 29, 2014


Another GPS post is going here and hope its the last one this time.

The cheap one I bought last time succumb to the elements as it was only a cheapo car model and was not waterproof or able to load tracks/routes but as a gps for what i needed at the time it sufficed.

Looking around at what is available for a motorcycle GPS and able to do a range of different tasks meant a rethink as they were $$ and would hopefully make the right decision as to one for the job that I wanted as I am hoping to make this one last [till its dead of course].

So went this way


a Garmin zumo590LM

Lifetime map upgrades

able to take maps that I plan on the computer for trips away

and lots of things I am still figuring out to do.

I know that in the box it came with all this


ram motorcycle mounts power leads etc etc

so am playing with it a bit and doing a lot of reading but was able to load and then I found it on the GPS  a trip I had planned before

I use this map/trip planner


I can still print the cue sheet out and a hard copy of the map but downloads really easy to the GPS  and I think this is going to be the best yet.

So its on the charger at the moment and am yet to mount it on the bike so there will be more to come about it after the fitting up and a trial run with it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Went looking for a small tank bag to use when just doing a quick trip around on the week end so as to not be having to use the large one i use on trips away.
With 2.5 - 5 litres volume the Quick-Lock EVO Tank Bag "Micro" is the smallest in the Bags-Connection range.
So this was purchased
Micro 1
and expanded
Micro 2
also just had to fit it up with the quick connection ring and easy to swap over between the 2 bags.
Have gave a small test run and its great for carrying just a few small items and can remove it and use a carry shoulder strap so no need to lock it up. all up Thumbs up

Friday, August 15, 2014


got to a white out in victoria

but was time to head home after dropping the passenger off
had to get up above the clouds to see where we were going

amazing seeing the way the water systems work and how far it spreads out

the valleys and where people have made a home over time is different from the air

around tumut
blowering dam
the achievement of what thy built back then is incredible to see
what vision those guys had

a different aspect of canberra on the way back

lake george needs some rainfall to get it going again

kangaroo valley area

fitzroy dam

robertson area
dumb hey should have tried to spy the pie shop

and a final swing over the top of macquarie pass and down to land

So a lot more pictures were taken on the flight but wont put them all up
The trip to get my father down to there with the least amount of problems was the main object for the trip and am pleased to say that this was achieved .
Good to see my parents back together once again and can only hope they get a break for a while and enjoy there new house and everything else they want to do down there.


Dont like promoting stores but picked a cover up for the bike to keep the dust off it while in the shed
ald cover
$30.00 from the local ALDI store on there motorcycle special sale
review so far is a great bit of gear for that price

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Been down to and back to victoria on the plane .Father delivered back to mum and there new home that they purchased.[see other post]

Twas a fairly big day but turned out a great visual trip down there and back for me anyway.
the whole reason for the trip arrived and we got him ready to get aboard for the flight south.
we needed 1 of these as well for the flight
and he was a great pilot and really helpful with the needs we had to overcome for the flight Thumbs up
getting into the air
and getting some height to start the trip south
was lucky as it was a clear day so had a great view
got to see our capital from a different view to normal
our parliament house is the square building in the circle
bit further south went across the border and the hume weir dam
its a lot larger than i ever imagined
and you have to love the rolling clouds that are below now and not he normal above in the sky.
flew past our snowy mountain range and was lucky to see it covered with snow.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Well other than a few small posts in the blog nothing much has happened with it in the terms of keeping up to date with the things going on.
SO a quick breakdown of the last 14 weeks of my time of absence from blogging.
The story goes like this and ends with this

  • a phone call from my parents [ both in there late 70’s ] saying they had sold there house and were moving from Shoalhaven Heads N.S.W. to Melbourne VIC. about 1000kms [600 miles] to be closer to my brother and his family
  • a week later with everything going ahead and no returning to what and where they are now my father ends up in NOWRA hospital diagnosed needing a operation
  • all will be fine we are assured from the medical staff for timing of the move
  • a house is bought in Melbourne sight unseen by the parents found by my brother as they cant get there to see it and get it all finalised for there move to there so they are not homeless
from this point in time it all goes to crap from all accounts
the distances involved here are me to mum 70klm and then30klm’s further  to the hospital a round trip of 200klm [120miles] for me
  • 1st operation is held up for about 10days so this is starting to get the time restraints of the recovery and the move a little more concerning
  • oh better get a removalist and get them packed up for a move as well  just to make it interesting with time constraints that i am trying to juggle with working as well.
  • don't forget the visits as well
  • 1st op goes ahead and gets a big thumbs down with all going well FOR THAT ONE
  • lets see about him getting a bit better from that and try no 2 operation to fix the firstConfused smile
  • hang on the time is now starting to get closer for getting out of the house they sold so what happens now for accommodation ?? AS THE SALE WAS A 6 WEEK HANDOVER OF CONTRACTS
  • so the time comes and the house is handed over and furniture picked up but its now got to go to storage as the one in Melbourne is held up and cant get into that one for 2 weeks.
  • lets throw a 2nd op in now and find some temporary accommodation for mum so she is still close to visit as she is not capable of the 200klm trips i am doing
  • a roof over her head is found but not real good for her but the best we can come up with
  • 2nd op is shit as well now and we have him in a ICU [intensive care unit ] now
  • house in melbourne is now a goer so send the furniture down as its in storage racking a bill up being there and we want to get the house set up there for them
OK ive lost track of exact weeks and time by now so bare with the story
  • still visiting clocking up the klm [remember the new car i got ] more on that later Smile with tongue out
  • furniture arrives there but only half as he had a smaller truck and will have to do it in 2 trips
dont ask me why as I said i wasnt paying for his 2 trips of 1000klm’s down to there
but that was just to give me another headache to think of and try to sort out
  • out of ICU and back to a ward all going ok till we get there one day and
  • oh we have done a 3rd op on him as it was a emergency
  • by now we have 1 in hospital 1 in temp accommodation and me heading to the crazy house
  • slow progress with the recovery so the option was send mum to the new place to at least get some sensibility to all this and start getting some things in place down there
  • brother  came up and got mum and took her down
  • throw this in here because i dont know when i got this bit of crazy news that we are going to have trouble with him going to victoria if he needs any medical help as the NSW and VICTORIAN health systems dont talk to each other and there is no such thing of doing a medical transfer
  • BLOODY HELL WHERE DO WE LIVE AUSTRALIA OR A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY  trying to go to a different country with him

are you still following the plot here because im not
  • the 11 week mark and i have 1 settling into the new home and one on the mend up here so a plan to get him well enough to travel down the 1000klm was hatched
  • send him by car [nope will not be that good for the long trip]
  • plane ride [about 6hrs to get him to sydney then down there with all the waiting]nope
  • week 13 i put my foot down and said he was out of there
  • so i have hired this for him to get there in 3and 1/2 hours from stepping out of the hospital
  • plane 333
  • leaves from a local airstrip and can land at a airstrip 6 klm from there new house
  • its week 14 and the time for the departure is Wednesday 13th august at 9 am
  • I'm flying down dropping him off there and flying straight backThumbs up
so a end is in sight and that's what i have been doing for fun
OH dont forget the new car i got in may
3 months old and
just rolled 8,500 klm’s {5,280 miles }on the speedo and 1 more visit down there tomorrow for the last one before we go on the plane

come on the 13th