Sunday, May 10, 2015


Wheres the cat when you need one as I dont even own a cat.

A look out the back this afternoon I was greeted with a bird destruction party going on and they seemed to be enjoying it so it seems.

1st culprit was a cockie which seemed to enjoy the taste of lemons



creating this


and in so doing stripped the tree of any useable lemons for future use.

This is the second year in a row they have decided to sour the crop of lemons which I do enjoy usually but alas not this year again it seems.

Then as I was in the shed it was getting bombarded with small acorn style nuts from the adjoining tree and a investigation found why


chomping on these


then dropping them to make a racket on the tin roof.

Looking around you find this


piling up and are sharp when trodden on with bare feet and make a bloody mess which they don't seem to care about .

Well some brooming and raking coming up before the next mow on the lawn to try and get rid of them.


OH the wonders of nature as I did manage to scare them both off but in no time they returned and kept on doing whatever they wanted to do Surprised smile

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Had the reason to buy a new phone recently and might as well put a post about it as why not .


Looks like the old proverbial brick as they were called and yes its about the same size as they were back in the good old days of the first mobile phones but the difference for this purchase is that its a satellite phone which shouldn’t need to much explaining .

It was sold as a refurbished phone so a second –hand checked out model which doesn’t worry me as did not want to spend top price for one as it will only be used when needed and not a daily user so to speak.

Yes bought from a reputable dealer  SATPHONESALES so was happy with the service and the deal as it came with 2 chargers a AC and DC car one so can keep it charged while out on the road.

The dealer was going to get it all hooked up for me as it needs to be hooked up through a sat server but a I wasn’t going to need it done straight away for my need I just got it delivered and found a local business who could do the paperwork and all involved to get this done which as of now it is all a goer and running .

Now the catch for this type of phone is they are super expensive to use so as with most things nowadays there are different options to sign up to with plans.

The one I went for was the cheapo so the calls that are charged to you if you make any are fairly pricey but the winning thing is that someone who calls you are only charged at a normal mobile phone call rate so if you have pre-arranged calling times it works out cheap way of communication when there is no service available in the regional areas so people can know what is going on and if you do need to call for help just use it and make the call and get charged for it .

A small price if it saves you or someone else out in the wilds .

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


testing out a map for the rallies I venture to and trying to get it on my site as well but interactive so maybe a few will appear here till I get it sorted out .


Sunday, May 3, 2015


As mentioned in a previous post I am going down the route of a UHF radio for longer distance comms on the bike when away on trips.

I already have the SENA SMH10 helmet set for comms between bikes when someone else is with you and has the comms system but it does have its limitations in distance so am trying to get that sorted by using this as a extra bit of gear.

#1-the sena is bluetooth so as to do away with wires connected to your helmet I want this to hook up

#2-finding a bluetooth UHF is not easy

#3-getting them to pair up is a concern according to all but you have google use it to your advantage

and the search begun to get all this together

the radio was the 1st to get so it needed to be


2-bluetooth capability

3-external antenna able to be fitted

4-small and compact

found and got this

wireless pacific GTR


Yes its bluetooth capable as you pay a bit extra and they do there magic to make it so

Then a antenna was needed so found some very helpful people after some searching and they got me sorted with one being a raised feed style.


Recommend them for antennas if you need one.


It came with 2 tops a 150mm one and a 600mm one as well .

and wanted it all to hook up to this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         smh10_snow_1

so had these in my hands


needed a cradle to get it on the bike so manufactured this and put some neoprene inside to act as a shock absorber for the radio and got it mounted above the instruments



the plug in the side is for a PTT [press to talk] button which is mounted on the L/H switch cluster.


has a elastic strap over the top and a velcro strap to hold it all secure so it dont fall out.

Then a aerial mount and then mount the antenna on the rear rack .


route the cable up to the radio hook it up and all done in a flash.

yes sounds a simple exercise but it is and has been a long process getting it altogether.

A read of the instructions as to how to connect the 2 devices up with bluetooth and after a few tries it hooked up and gave it a try out with another radio I have and cannot believe the clearness of the comms it has .

Have tried the music through the headset and when a UHF call activates it cuts the music and you can hear and reply to a call then if nothing is happening on it the music cuts back in automatic for you.

Still a few trials to be done and probably some tweaking but am happy with the result I have got .

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Sounds impressive but not really as the triumph has no heated grips as a standard thing that the BMW did have and maybe that spoilt me from getting cold hands looking around you can buy them for the triumph but at the price they want I called there bluff and said dont worry .

So for a birthday present last month I asked for and got some blizzard barkbusters which I fitted up.


the inside look


the only bit of a modification I had to make was the clutch side mirror mount on the bike sits the mirror forward about 11/2 inch-38mm so it didnt want to play the game and fit properly so some deep thought and a little buying trip I got this


and  with some work the finished product looked like this when fitted up


just a hole punch and put the grommet in the barkbuster and the mirror stem goes through it and what do you know it now fits up as it should and does not look out of place .

don't tell anyone about the mod let them figure out a fix for themselves

They will be a winter only thing on the bike so will remove in the warmer months for riding.


Well it sounds like the nursery rhyme .

It is all about getting more comfort on your backside for long trips so a short trip down the road from me about 80 km’s [50 miles] to a little town called Berry to a sheepskin supplier to get a cover for the bike.

Good Wool Store where a talk with the people there[owner] I got what I wanted and after a bit of fiddling to fit as it needed a slight adjustment of the straps but was no problem at all for them to do and cannot be a more friendly lot to deal with so got it on and paid up me money and off for the return journey which although was only 80km’s you could feel the difference for sure so longer trips may be a bit easier on the bum.


So the question was asked if I wanted a plastic rain coat for it so in bad weather you could keep it dry but I declined mainly because of the price they wanted for a plastic cover.

So a search on the net found raincovers for luggage /backpacks and at less than $3.00 that seemed more to my price for such a item so having got one it fits and covers it so should work for a lot less than the one offered.


may not look flash but does the job for a pittance.

Give them a call if your after something great people

lul - Copy