Friday, October 24, 2014


Well as the title states I am trying to save me butt from agony on the longer trips to make it more enjoyable as I suppose all that ride want to do.

I have came up with a 2 option scenario

Either get the seat done up or go with some riding specific underwear.

So after looking around there was the seat gel options


from a fairly local company MJM who do a great job as a friend with a bmw f800 has had his done and says the difference on a long ride is very noticeable in the comfort factor .So looking at that option and the price was considered until I saw that there may be another option to ponder.



with this inbuilt



There is 3 options of these depending on the type of bike [go to there site in link] you ride for different padding options and on reading lots of reviews have yet to find a negative one against them.

The decision was to go with the underwear one as thinking about the costing of both I also thought of maybe later a update in a bike I would be in the same situation of the sore butt if I went with the seat being done as it would be sold off and I would have to get a new bike seat done again at a cost.

OK yes they are not cheap to try out but you will never know if this is going to be the best option unless you try them.

Just waiting now for them to turn up as they have been shipped according to the tracking info

cant wait to try the out

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Have never used any hearing protection on the bike but lately have been thinking about giving it a go as so many others I know use them and say that by the end of the ride /day how much better they feel .


The many choices out there with a quick search has shown up a lot of differing thoughts as to which is the best so what if any do any readers use as I would like some thoughts on them.

Here are some options I found


all that i read keep going back to the cheap foam ones 1st picture as the best to use followed by the silicone style ones in the second picture.

Good and bad reports with the fitted/custom ones have me sitting on the fence with these for the $$$$ you have to spend on them.

Custom with the speakers seem way to $$$$ for my liking and I also have a sena system so dont need that option.

as I asked above what do you use????

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


This is definitely not my style of riding at all but cannot find anything much about it at all .

Looks like it was a dangerous sport at the time though.


So can anyone steer me in the direction of how they controlled these contraptions as I cannot seem to find much


a modern video has emerged

Friday, October 10, 2014


While looking at some routes that I might be going on I found this on my google earth search

plane JPG

made me do a double take when i saw what it was

if your interested to see it go to your google earth and put these co-ords in

-34.371506°  150.190193° and hit the search

So have you found some odd things while looking through google earth

Saturday, September 27, 2014


A big part of going away is planning the trip if you want to find some new roads to get to somewhere and with the internet there is a lot of options for you to choose from.
I use quiet a few different ones to see what roads are out there.

The most obvious one that all may use as I do is google maps if I want just a rough distance as it’s

easy to just put where you want to go from a destination and it gives you the basic information of distance and a time

Trying to find some off road trips becomes a bit harder to do with that system as it likes to keep you on the black top and away from the dirt roads that I am searching for.

Have tried the free one that comes with the Garmin GPS basecamp but have tried numerous times and cannot get the hang of it and from asking on a few sites this seems to be the norm with it which I cannot understand why they dont listen to the masses about the difficulty of the thing.

So I use  a combination now of 2 to do my mapping as I also want to be able to put the route into my GPS as well and I have now found one that works for me but may not all may agree.

I use both google earth for being able to do some road searching of the area where I intend to go and then use

RIDE WITH GPS to map it out as it can do the backroads just by sometimes changing over to the cycle mode it has instead of the driving one so this helps a lot getting the job done in following the smaller roads.

You get a good map and a cue sheet and a elevation with this system

heres a shot of a trip I planned out

blog capture

Yes nothing is free and I have paid up to get the full options this does but in the long run its easy to be able to just push the button and its downloaded to my GPS in a second.

TRANSAUSTRALIATRAIL   is another that has come to my attention where others have put there GPX info up so you can also just download that to your own GPSD if you want to go the same route.

Another has been found also to make it easy if you want or are going the same place and its



So I hope this may help some with getting your GPS  going

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Well the endoscope camera arrived and have had a play with it to see if it is going to be a useful tool.


The first bit of information I can give from my use of this is to dont bother putting the disc into your computer as with most devices that are bought as I did and had a hell of a time in trying to get it going and was about to throw it.

So it didnt work so had to do a extensive search to figure the little problem out.

The following is what worked for me after some research into it but cannot say if this will work for you so do so at your own risk as they say.

Seems there is a slight difference in how to get it going in windows 7 or windows 8 so the following is for 8 as i have that on my laptop.

The camera should just be plugged in to your computer and let it do its thing as download this makes it into a webcam device.Then go to your apps and then find youcam and open it up and you should be up and running with either a camera or a video to take pictures if needed .

When i snapped a couple of pictures it put them into a new folder in the pictures already named so that was it.


Windows 7 is a bit different as well so look at this video [click link below] that I pulled off youtube that was put up to get it going in that just as easy.


SO i hope this works for anyone that does get one to use.

Heres another little tip for using it after you get it going get the picture on the screen and as you turn/move the camera end find where it is for the right view as in not upside down and I marked the top of the camera with a white marker so its visible.

heres some shots as I was out playing


Snapshot_2014928 (2)

from the bar and then shot below showing how much zoom you can get

Snapshot_2014928 (9)Snapshot_2014928 (10)

rad cap